Cleanse | Exfoliate | Detox 

That’s right! A cleanser, hydrating/firming mask, and exfoliant all in one product.

Use: daily or a few times a week

"I never thought of something that contained clay in it as something I could use to wash my face! When I tried One and Done my skin felt clean, looked vibrant and I could feel the essential oils working. I am addicted to this product. It is gentle and I use it everyday. My pores have become smaller and my skin just looks healthier!" - Samantha H.

Ingredient highlights:
- White kaolin clay: gentle cleanser that pulls out impurities from your skin without causing redness. Works great on all skin types to help balance oil production while stimulating skin for a tightened and toned appearance.
- Organic oats: soothes irritation and helps sensitive skin due to its anti-inflammatory and balancing properties
- Organic almond meal: contains Vitamins E & B giving you essential antioxidants and plumper looking skin
- Botanical flowers and essential oils: specifically formulated to stimulate cell regeneration and keep your skin looking fresh