Hey there Brash Family!

I began this journey years ago by reading labels on products I had in my home. My background is in nutrition, so I was knew I should be aware of the things I put IN my body, but I was not nearly as selective about the things I put ON my body.

Did you know that within seconds, chemicals applied to your skin are absorbed into your bloodstream, affecting all of your body's organs? 

Deep down I already knew this but I knew I needed to get serious about it. So as I was reading product labels, I came across big, scary-sounding chemical ingredients over and over again. I didn't want all these things mingling around inside of me, nor did I want to continue to spend tons of money on products that made big claims but I knew weren't good for me!

I had difficulty finding skin care that was chemical-free, petroleum-free and preservative-free. It seemed to me that it shouldn't be so hard to use pure ingredients.

So I thought, "fine, I'll just do it myself", and Brash was born. And Yes, it is Bad Ass!

We've sourced the purest ingredients from trusted suppliers in the U.S. and abroad so you can feel comfortable knowing you're only putting the best on your skin. Brash products use 100% pure oils, organic botanical flowers, organic unadulterated plant essential oils, organic hydrosols, and clays that have been used for millennia with excellent results. All our ingredients have been meticulously researched, proven effective, and are formulated for every skin type. History has taught us that Mother Nature knows best, so we partnered up with her.

Skincare does not need to be complicated.

Be Brash! Be Bold! There's only one you, and you're beautiful! It's time to be in control of what you put on your skin. 

Take good care because we love you! 


Roxanne Taylor. Creator of BrashSkinFix!